Characterization of cell signaling in response to ultraviolet radiation after treatment with an oral skin-care supplement

Bend Beauty is a Halifax based company involved in the research, development, and marketing of oral natural health products for use in skin-care and anti-aging. Bend?s core product, Anti-Aging Formula, is a mixture of the active ingredients fish oil, borage oil, lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin D3. An eight-week human clinical study demonstrated this product increases skin?s resistance to sunburn. However, the mechanisms that are responsible for this photo-protective effect at the cellular level remain unknown. Cell based assays make it possible to study the biological effects of these active ingredients in response to ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. We propose that treatment of human skin cells with Bend?s Anti-Aging Formula prior to UV radiation exposure will impart a photo-protective effect to skin cells by lessening detrimental DNA damage, inflammation, and structural reorganization. This information can be applied towards product optimization as well as future applications in photo-protective skin-care.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kerry Goralski


Steven Hall


Bend Beauty Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Medical devices




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