Characterization of chemosensory proteins in exosomes

Cells in our body secrete round structures lined by cell membrane under normal as well as stressful conditions. These “structures” or “micro vesicles” are termed as exosomes. They contain information from parent cells that can be transferred to other cells, thereby acting as cell-to-cell communication units. In this study I aim to identify the presence of bitter taste responsive proteins in exosomes. Bitter taste responsive proteins are also known as chemosensory proteins. These proteins have demonstrated significant role in pathophysiological conditions. I will determine the presence of bitter taste responsive proteins in these exosomes by novel cellular and molecular techniques. The expected outcome has the potential to be used as a diagnostic assessment tool for certain oral diseases.

Faculty Supervisor:

Prashen Chelikani


Manoj Medapati






University of Manitoba


Globalink Research Award

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