Characterization of cold asphalt mixes containing recycled materials for pavement design

The objectives of the proposed research projet are:
• To design a cold asphalt mix that contains as much recycled materials as possible but that behaves like a hot mix asphalt (HMA)
o Reclaimed asphalt pavement, recycled shingles and recycled tires will be used
• To evaluate the rutting resistance, complex modulus, fatigue resistance and thermal cracking resistance of those mixes
The cold mixes designed and tested in this project are meant to be used as a replacement for standard hot mix asphalt, so the thermo-mechanical characteristics should be similar, or it should be shown, with different pavement design methods, that those mixes are usable as a replacement of HMA with little adjustments to the thicknesses.
The research project will include a literature review on the subject, and the lab work.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alan Carter


Julia Rodrigues



Engineering - civil





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