Characterization of infarct-sparing mechanisms of Celastrol and related compounds

The ability to repair or regenerate damaged heart presents a major challenge in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Current treatments are unsuccessful to regenerate dead myocardium and fail to address the challenge caused by the early loss of cardiac cells. The use of a new drug to stimulate protection of the heart during an ongoing myocardial infarct would be very relevant to the clinical setting, to help patients suffering from heart attack. Our proposed treatment with Celastrol, and other small molecules under investigation in our lab, presents an innovative pharmacological treatment to reduce damages caused by myocardial infarct. With strong preliminary data supporting our hypothesis, our team will develop and optimize this novel therapy in relevant experimental models, for eventual translation to human use. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the protective effects of Celastrol will provide insights to develop new
drugs or treatments to improve clinical outcomes in the setting of acute myocardial infarct and benefit our Canadian patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicolas Noiseux


Henry Adolfo Aceros










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