Characterization of the Fuel Injection Spray Within the Ignition Quality Tester (IQTTM)

Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET) has developed a novel diesel fuel Ignition Quality Tester (IQTTM) that permits fast, precise and reliable measurements of the ignition delay and CN of diesel fuels. Precision and repeatability is paramount in the Cetane environment as refineries want the most precise instrument available in the market. More precise and repeatable Cetane number measurements provide considerable economic benefits for refineries in terms of savings of additives. Recent R&D has determined that the fuel injection pump of the IQT is the main contributor of the instrument variability because current injection PumD characterization techniques are insufficient at redirecting behaviour of a particular bum6 within an IQT.This project will allow the intern to characterize the lQTTM injection spray using a Phase Doppler Particle Analysis instrument in order to develop a better characterization technique to improve the lQTTM precision. In summary, further accuracy gains of the IQT will result in increased sales of the technology and will potentially result in a formidable barrier to further market penetration for our competition.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Edgar Matida


Stephane Daviault


Advanced Engine Technology Ltd. (AET)






Carleton University



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