Characterization of the lateral hypothalamic neural outputs using camera-based multi-fiber photometry

Understanding how brain processes information is the one of the most intriguing questions that modern neuroscience faces. This project is aimed to characterize how the lateral hypothalamus process information to downstream brain targets to guide proper behavioral responses. This brain area is well-known to regulate key aspects of the behavior. But how does it process information to control behavior? To answer this question, we use and develop a state-of-the-art technique called fiber photometry. This approach allows to measure neuronal activity of specific neural pathways deep in the brain of a free-moving animal performing different behavioral tasks. In this program, in collaboration with the partner organization, we will use the Doric Lenses fiber photometry system, and improved it to democratize its uses for the needs of researches studying brain functionality.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christophe Proulx


Ekaterina Martianova


Doric Lenses Inc.




Life sciences


Université Laval



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