Characterization of various insulation materials, coatings, and non-metallic membrane for corrosion under insulation performance

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is among the major damage mechanisms acting in Oil & Gas processing plants and chemical industries that causes process leaks, and the failures of thermally insulated systems. The hydrocarbon leaks from CUI result in the increased carbon footprint and can even cause catastrophic fires. CUI triggers from inevitable moisture ingress in thermal insulation, and so need to be better understood and managed for cleaner and safer operation of process facilities. The major uncertainty with CUI is from the variety of insulation materials and coatings used in the industry, the majority of which are not fully evaluated and reported for quantified corrosion risks and related implications. This research project aims to test various in market insulation materials, coatings, and non-metallic membrane for CUI performance. Other than understanding the CUI mechanisms, this project will improve the scientific literature and support refinement of industry standards on CUI.

Faculty Supervisor:

George Jarjoura


Omar AlChaar


Integrity Products & Supplies Inc


Engineering - mechanical




Dalhousie University



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