Characterizing dissolved methane in groundwater in the Peace Region, Northeast BC, using a regional, dedicated groundwater monitoring well network

The rapid increase in shale gas development in the Peace Region has been accompanied by concern about environmental impacts, and in particular, fugitive methane migration into shallow groundwater. The goal of the proposed research project is to establish a dedicated groundwater monitoring well network in order to collect data to inform the following questions:
1) Where and how much methane is in groundwater in the Peace Region?
2) What are its origins/where does it come from?
3) Is groundwater methane in the region related to oil and gas development activities?
Data from the proposed monitoring network will augment existing data from domestic wells and be used to build a comprehensive, scientifically-defensible understanding of fugitive methane in the Peace Region. The Mitacs interns will lead the project, working closely with Geoscience BC, who can share the insights gained with its associated industry partners to better understand the issue and more effectively monitor fugitive gas.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dirk Kirste


Andrew Allen


Geoscience BC


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry




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