Characterizing Offshore Lobster Biology and Estimating Tag Recaptures and Reporting Rates in Lobster Fishing Areas 33 and 34

Little information is known about offshore lobster. Knowledge gaps exist in general population demographics, maturity rates, and movement patterns (migrations). Most notably, nothing is known about offshore lobster in this region especially during the closed season. This project will form a collaboration between captains and their crews and researchers to collect data on the offshore fishery. The primary project goal is to ensure a healthy, viable, and sustainable fishery. Through data collection and lobster tagging training, captains and crews will participate in the core areas of collecting data on their fishery. Lobster biological characteristics, environmental (temperature), oceanographic (depth), and weather information will be collected. Lobster will be tagged and movement patterns will be mapped using a capture-mark-recapture activity. Captures of tagged lobster are anticipated to be reported by other captains. Lobster information and movement patterns will be related to other information through modeling exercises.

Faculty Supervisor:

Trevor Avery


Alysa Czenze


Brazil Rock






Acadia University



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