Characterizing the concentration and makeup of microplastics in wastewater effluent and stormwater overflows to the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers and evaluating microplastic removal in wastewater streams with a newly developed mesh sock.

The research aims to examine the amount and type of microplastics in wastewater streams entering the Ottawa River. As wastewater treatment has been identified as one of the main conduits of microplastics to freshwater environments, the research will sample both wastewater effluent and combined sewer overflows to get a better understanding on how many, and what types of microplastics enter the Ottawa River via these pathways. By investigating the amount and make up of microplastics in wastewater streams, the research can provide valuable information to RESTco, so the company can further develop and test tools for effective micro and nano-plastic removal from wastewater streams and existing pollution in wild waters.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jesse Vermaire


Shaun Forrest




Environmental sciences



Carleton University



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