Characterizing the Mode of Action of Novel Boron-Containing Antifungal Agents for Crop Protection

Fungal pathogens of agriculturally significant crops pose a serious threat against global food security. This is exacerbated by the limited classes of fungicides that are commercially available for the farmers and the rapid emergence of resistance against the existing fungicides. Furthermore, resistance against agricultural fungicides can poses serious threat to human health as it can provide cross-resistance to the antifungal drugs that are used in the clinics world-wide. The objective of this project is to discover novel boron-containing fungicides and identify their mechanism of action through chemical genomic analysis. This project will address the urgent need to discover novel fungicides against plant fungal pathogens and identify new approaches to treating fungal infections.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leah E. Cowen


Sang Hu Kim


Boragen Inc


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Toronto


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