Characterizing thermo-mechanical treatment of laser processed NiTi shape memory alloys

Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are metallic alloys which can undergo deformation and return to their original form when heated above their characteristic transformation temperature. Due to their unique properties, SMAs have found use in the aerospace, robotics, biomedical, and automotive industries, among others. Traditional SMAs are limited to one distinct transformation temperature per individual component, limiting their potential applications. Smarter Alloys Inc. has revolutionized SMAs by enabling multiple transformation temperatures to be embedded into an individual SMA component by performing laser processing of the material. However, it has been found that laser processing can have detrimental effects on the mechanical properties of SMA wires. The goal of the proposed research is to optimize treatment performed on the SMA material after laser processing to restore the material’s mechanical properties. The results of this research will improve the reliability and lifetime of products developed by Smarter Alloys Inc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adrian Gerlich


Igor Ruvinov


Smarter Alloys Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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