Characterizing topography of signal fidelity in a low-cost fNIRS device

High-performance athletes have learned that even after they have exhausted their bodies during training, they can continue to train their minds for an extra edge. Imagining your sport engages many of the same brain areas used to actually play your sport, and it has been shown that such mental practice can improve sport performance. However, simply sitting and imagining isn’t very engaging and doesn’t provide either the athlete nor their coaches with any information regarding how well they are engaging in mental imagery. Axem Neurotechnology has developed a system to monitor the brain activity of athletes engaged in mental imagery so that they can receive real-time feedback on how well they are engaging the brain areas that will help them perform their sport. This project is helping to explore how best to design the brain monitoring device that Axem will use in their first-generation product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shaun Boe


Michael Lawrence


Axem Neurotechnology




Information and communications technologies




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