Characterizing Total Knee Replacement Biomechanics using a Novel Muscle-Driven Joint Motion Simulator

Pre-clinical testing of total knee replacement implants traditionally requires separate experiments to characterize the biomechanical and durability performance of new designs, using separate and distinctly different testing apparatuses. This research aims to enhance pre-clinical through the development of a single test apparatus capable of performing sophisticated biomechanical and durability testing of knee implants. This is achieved by incorporating muscle-driven motion simulation capabilities into an existing joint motion simulator, while leveraging its unique virtual ligament capabilities. We will validate this system by comparing resulting implant motions with data previously recorded using a conventional muscle-driven motion simulator with an artificial knee. We will use the validated apparatus to perform detailed parametric analyses of implant design and surgical factors, and to perform knee ligament characterization experiments. Our partner organization (Stryker) will benefit from enhancement of their testing apparatus, detailed characterization of their implant design and a dataset of ligament properties for future use.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ryan Willing;Peter S. Walker


Alexandre Galley







Western University



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