Characterizing use of the Vancouver public bike share system through 2018

Public bikeshares intend to provide an active, accessible, environmentally friendly and compact transportation alternative—particularly useful for travelling short distances and the “last mile” of a trips to and within a busy, dense urban core. In 2016 Vancouver launched a public bikeshare. Vancouver’s climate, culture, and bike route system provides a strong foundation for success, but there are concerns given the all-ages helmet legislation, long debated as a barrier to uptake of cycling and a threat to public bike share success worldwide. A major expansion of the program is planned for spring 2018, with growth from 150 stations and 1500 bikes to 200 stations and 2000 bikes. This partnership project will examine the impact of Vancouver’s bikeshare on travel and health outcomes, in the context of the expanding program. This work will help the partner organization better understand the impacts and opportunities of their program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Meghan Winters


Jennifer McKeen


Mobi by Shaw Go




Automotive and transportation




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