Chemical foaming of glass fiber reinforced recycled PET (rPET) and the injection molding performance of the foamable compound

Plastic wastes are a burden to municipal waste managements and have adverse environmental effects. But the daily increase in production of packaging materials and plastic parts make their formation inevitable. Recycling is a wise way of dealing with plastic waste problem as it has both monetary and environmental benefits. The wastes are collected cleaned and reprocessed to make new products. These products if engineered will provide the same performance at much lower cost of production and lower raw materials and natural resources consumption. On the aim of this project we will find a way to improve the properties of recycled material to be of a comparable level or in cases higher level than their original raw materials to safely return to the production cycle.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marie-Claude Heuzey


Davood Bagheriasl


Groupe Lavergne Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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