Chemical nanosynthesis of laser filters for aviation applications

Protection from laser light has become increasingly important due to the proliferation of cheaper and more powerful laser systems, especially in regards to interference with aircraft operations. Laser attacks, otherwise known as laser illuminations can be serious safety risks for aircraft operations as it can cause temporary flash blindness or irreversible injuries to the eyes of the pilot during takeoff or touchdown. Such incidents are increasing at an alarming average annual rate of 63% over the past ten years. The goal of this project is to aid in the development of a platform thin film filter technology called metaAIR that can be adhesively applied on the inner surface of an aircraft’s cockpit glass window and block any laser beams of predetermined light wavelengths. Large-scale metaAIR films will be superior to existing inadequate laser filtering solutions and reasonably cheap to fabricate, providing passive, hassle-free laser protection. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Felipe Chibante


Debajyoti Mondal


Lamda Guard Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Aerospace and defense


University of New Brunswick



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