Chemotherapy Outpatient Scheduling Using Analytical Scheduling Tools and Simulation

The project will use analytical scheduling techniques and simulation to create, a scheduling template for use at the Odette and Juravinski Cancer Centres. The ideal schedule together with a simulation of the Chemotherapy Center at both Odette and Juravinski will be used to analyze the impact of different resources and processes in the overall chemotherapy process. Robust scheduling and possibly other techniques will be used to develop a scheduling tool for the cancer centres. Because there are two cancer centres involved, it provides the opportunity to develop a general solution for chemotherapy scheduling. A pilot version of a software solution will be developed in collaboration with Bykart Software, a company who developed the current chemotherapy booking system used at the Odette cancer center. Bykart Software will then take over the development of the scheduling tool. The scalability of the solution will then be tested, and a generalized decision tool developed, that can be used by any hospital with various clinic sizes, mix of patient treatment protocols and pre-treatment requirements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mike Carter


Shoshana Hahn-Goldberg


Bykart Software





University of Toronto



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