Ciena OPn – WP 3.1.1 Supply Chain Agility, Life Cycle Management and Forecast Accuracy

Ciena Corporation is a global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment. It develops this equipment in a high product mix, low volume environment. Due to this environment and the short cycle times of its products, the company has product categories, which are highly dynamic both in volume and number of customers. Ciena wishes to be more agile in managing its supply chain. It also wishes to better predict the dynamics of product volume and product end-of-life over short timeframes. Consequently, the objectives of the project are to improve the accuracy of production volume estimation during product life cycles, to develop methods that more quickly signal supply chain partners about changes in demand, and to create a computer-based tool that captures supply chain information and assists managers to adjust Ciena’s supply chain activities on a daily basis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vince Thomson


Xiaoqi Zhang


Ciena Corp.


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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