Ciena OPn – WP 3.2.6 A Secure and Verifiable Storage Cloud Architecture for Online Applications

Ciena, the network specialist, is collaborating with Universities and SMEs in Ontario and Québec in order to develop an ecosystem that accelerates advanced research and development activities in the fields of high-capacity optical transmission systems, software defined networks, business intelligence and process automation. A steady-state of over 50 Masters, PhD and Post-Doc students per year, supervised by 25 researchers from 9 universities and in close collaboration with 5 SMEs, is proposed. The program is expected to stimulate advanced research and intellectual property production in Canada and have a significant impact on the development of highly qualified resources as well as on Ciena’s next generation of products. The goal of this project is to setup a storage cloud that will host Ciena’s expanded portfolio of network analysis and visualization services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Muthucumaru Maheswaran


Shabir Samadh


Ciena Corp.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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