CIO to CEO – Barriers and Opportunities

This study will attempt to determine whether a model or path can be derived for CIOs who are interested in transitioning to a CEO position. The analysis will support potential similarities and gaps in current CIO leadership profile as compared to CEOs. In addition, personal interviews and surveys will be conducted with CEOs who were previously CIOs. The combined study will help determine if a model/path can be determined from these case examples. The partner organisation provides professional development, sharing of ‘best practices’, advocacy, and networking opportunities for Chief Information Officers and senior Information Technology Managers. The research results will assist CIO practitions to develop their roles, align business and IT strategies, and encourage the advancement of technology within their firm. In addition, the research will offer insight on new career options and professional development opportunities for CIOs, and raise awareness on how the CIO position and CIO leader can function even more strategically in the organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kenneth A. Grant


Michael Hutson


CIO Association Ontario Chapter





Ryerson University



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