Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) telomeric analysis in pre-treatment and post-treatment patients with prostatic adenocarcinoma; a look at prognostic variability and responsive elements

The intern will analyze blood samples of patients with high-risk prostate cancer. The cancer cells will be isolated from the blood sample and the genetic material will be stained and then imaged by a high-intensity-high-focus 3D microscope. Next, the telomeres (ends of genes) will be studied and compared. The point is to see the progression of cancer cells in the blood at the time of diagnosis and then also after treatment has been given. The results will be useful in predicting possible screening methods that are much more economical and less invasive.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sabine Mai


Hazem Alsaadi


CancerCare Manitoba


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences


University of Manitoba



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