Evaluation of a radiomic approach based on hyperspectral retinal imaging to predict the cerebral amyloid status for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

The project will help Optina validate and further develope a novel technology to predict the presence of significant amyloid (A?) deposition in the brain from a simple, non-invasive hyperspectral retina scan in combination with an artificial intelligence algorithm. Accumulation of A? plaques in the brain is a key hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but current methods to evaluate its presence in vivo (A? positron emission tomography imaging and quantification of A? proteins in the cerebrospinal fluid obtained) are not practically implementable as screening methods due to cost, availability and/or invasiveness nature. The continued development of the device and the design of a clinical study is an important milestone towards raising the required capital (possibly 15-20M$) to reach the AD diagnostic market. The project will train individuals who are specialized in medical device development, clinical trial design and coordination, project management and regulatory affairs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frederic Lesage;Sylvia Villeneuve;Marie Beauséjour


Xuecong Lu


Optina Diagnostics


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences




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