Tuning in to emotions of non-communicative persons

Many individuals who have severe disabilities or who have suffered traumatic injury are unable to move or speak, and hence, unable to communicate with their family and caregivers. The physiological systems of these individuals are typically functional and can change to reflect the unexpressed mental and emotional states of these otherwise non-communicative persons. In this project, we will design an exhibit which will collect data to generate an emotion classifier using changes in autonomic nervous system signals patterns. In the new “Mes émotions sont à fleur de peau” exhibit, the Montreal Science Center will have the opportunity to present ‘biomusic’ – a novel technology that converts physiological signals into musical output. The data gathered will be mined to generate a user-independent emotion classification system, which in turn will be applied for communication with some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefanie Blain-Moraes


Elias Saad


Old Port of Montreal Corporation


Engineering - biomedical




McGill University



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