Clarifying the Concept and Measurement of School Climate

The condition of school facilities is an important, manageable determinant of teaching and learning outcomes. Recent research suggests that the effects of facility conditions on learning outcomes are mediated through “school climate”. However, for both scientific research and practical purposes, the understanding of what “school climate” means and how it is measured is unhelpfully vague. This project, in partnership with Ameresco, an independent energy solutions company delivering long-term customer value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies, will take stock of the current definitions and measures of “school climate” and attempt to construct a sophisticated, defensible understanding of how the concept should be understood and measured. This result is a necessary step in clarifying how school facilities should be renewed in order to advance the educational mission.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Lance W. Roberts


Kaeleigh Schroeder


Ameresco Canada




Environmental industry


University of Manitoba



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