Classification Education Pilot

The Paralympics are one of the most recognizable promotions of sport for persons with disabilities and the second largest multi-sport event in the world. Classification, or the practice of grouping athletes together based on the impact their impairment has on the sport they participate in, is fundamental to the function of the both the Paralympics and parasport more generally. Parasport participants involved with classification (e.g., athletes, classifiers, and coaches) have often reported their experiences with classification negatively. Importantly, classification experience quality may impact participation in parasport. Increasing participants’ knowledge of classification may positively influence their classification experience; therefore, this project aims to increase our understanding of how participants learn about classification and what resources are available to support them in doing so. Following this, an educational resource will be developed, delivered, and evaluated. This project may advance our understanding of parasport and result in the creation of an evidence-based tool to be used by Canadian sport organizations to teach participants about classification.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amy Latimer-Cheung


Janet Lawson


Canadian Paralympic Committee




Arts, entertainment and recreation


Queen's University



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