Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel Review

In response to protests against logging of old growth forests in Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island, the government of British Columbia appointed a Scientific Panel to develop guidelines for sustainable forest management and logging. On July 6, 1995 the Government of British Columbia accepted the report of the Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel (CSSP) and committed to working with companies, workers, and First Nations to ensure that the CSSP's recommendations were implemented in their entirety. The proposed research project is a review of the Panel's recommendations. The researcher will produce a report that will inform the review process and update local resource managers and stakeholders on ecosystem-based management in other parts of BC as well as other contemporary issues to be considered. The partner will benefit from the researcher's knowledge and inputs on the latest resource management practices being implemented elsewhere in BC. The researcher will write a background review report as well as help in the preparation and organization of a conference to review the recommendations of the CSSP.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ken Lertzman


Dionne Bunsha


lisaak Forest Resources Ltd.


Resources and environmental management




Simon Fraser University



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