CLICK (Community Led Inclusive Creation Kit)

This research will help to unplay and rewrite certain ideas of "assistive" technology by developing methods to engage children and youth in the process of collaborative, multi-media creation where captioning and audio description are used as creative tools. Successful approaches, workshop plans, DIY tools, discovery games and training methods will be accumulated in a playful kit called CLICK (Community Led Inclusive Creation Kits) and shared as an OER (Open Education Resource). The methods discovered with this research, will also be applied to the project; Me on the Map, produced by New World Theatre and commissioned by the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. Company Sponsors, Inclusive Media and Design and Abilities Arts Festival will both benefit from the CLICK kit as well as the Me on the Map project that will stand as an example for the creative potential of inclusive productions when it premieres at the 2014 Vancouver Children’s International Festival.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Emma Westecott


Janice Derbyshire


Inclusive Media and Design


Visual arts




OCAD University



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