Climate-related Disclosure Best Practices

Mantle314 is developing a software platform (Manifest) that will help companies to learn, assess, manage and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities. Mantle314 is currently working on minimum viable product (MVP) experience which will be the first step toward automating an end-to-end climate change-related planning and disclosure process. This first experience will help a company to assess its own disclosure against climate leaders and peers, and create TCFD-aligned outputs for internal and external communications and reporting.
To understand the current state of play of what good climate-related disclosure looks like, as part of this project, interns will be reviewing climate content from a sample of companies using the Mantle Assessment methodology to research sector specific practices as it concerns TCFD Recommendation implementation and climate actions. The aim is to find climate leaders and define best practices for each sector. This research and its content will be used in MVP for benchmarking and showcasing best practice.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olaf Weber;Jason Thistlethwaite


David Billedeau;Adeboye Oyegunle




Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Waterloo



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