Clinical development of avocado-derived lipids as modulators of fatty acid oxidation for the treatment and management of obesity and diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are a significant global burden and there is an immediate need for novel treatments and management strategies. Our lab has shown that an avocadoderived lipid is a potent inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation (i.e., the cellular breakdown of fat for energy) which reduces mouse weight gain without toxicity. Inhibition of fatty acid oxidation for the management and treatment of obesity and diabetes is an established therapeutic strategy. The objectives of this project are two-fold. First, we will isolate and develop the avocado-based lipid as a supplement suitable for oral consumption. Second, clinical investigation of the oral supplement in healthy human subjects will assess safety and effectiveness in reducing therapeutic markers of obesity and diabetes. Upon formulation of the avocado-based oral supplement, the partner organization and the intern will directly benefit given their mutual objective of conducting translational research that improves human health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Anthony Spagnuolo


Nawaz Ahmed


Advanced Orthomolecular Research


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Life sciences


University of Waterloo



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