Clinical translation of carbohydrate nanomedicines for gene therapy

Nowadays, we are facing a lifetime risk to acquire cancer. Gene therapy has emerged as a promising and alternative approach for the treatment of several types of cancers as compared to chemo/radio therapy. For introducing these genes into the human body, a vehicle is necessary to protect them from degradation in the physiological environment and also to ensure that the new genes are directed to the desire sites. Sugar polymers are of great interest because they are able to mimic natural glycan’s in our body, ensuring its safety and biocompatibility. In this project, we plan to explore further a promising sugar polymer in cancer therapy, their effectiveness in a mouse model will be explored prior to clinical trials. Furthermore, we proposed the use of TRIOZAN a novel delivery system developed by Ovensa Inc. in combination with our novel sugar polymers. Additionally, a new chitosan-based polymer for delivery of gene therapies through the nose, will be designed to enhance the uptake in the lungs and brain and avoiding normal body clearance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ravin Narain


Diana Diaz Dussan


Ovensa Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta


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