Closing Skill Gaps in Under- and Unemployed Youth

Learning, an online learning platform, to underemployed or unemployed youth. Building on the work of a pilot project by CivicAction, the intern will plan and implement a randomized controlled trial to test factors driving uptake of online learning and its effects on employment outcomes. The intern and CivicAction will engage with Toronto-area employment services providers to provide various treatment intensities. Treatment groups range from a simple offering of a license to weekly reminders and curated playlists to encourage uptake or hands-on help in setting up online learning modules. Based on their pilot study, online learning has great potential to improve youth unemployment. This project will provide CivicAction with a rigorous evaluation of their online learning initiative. This evidence will inform future projects and support project expansion to larger populations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elizabeth Dhuey


Jill Furzer


CivicAction Leadership Foundation





University of Toronto



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