Co-Ordination of Steel Production Operations for Increased Throughput

This project aims to improve the throughput of the production system at ArcelorMittal through better coordination between the production operations. The project proposes a sophisticated discrete-event simulation model to analyze the impact of all important parameters of the production system, such as steel temperature, furnace heat duration, ladle movements, and heat loss at ladle. Several improved coordination strategies will be generated and deployed in the simulation model and the to-be behavior of the system will be observed. For each high-performance coordination strategy, sensitivity analyses will be done to validate the robustness. The results will provide ArcelorMittal managers with a better understating of the production system and individual significance of all its parameters to its performance. The proposed coordination practices will lead to significant cost savings and throughput improvements. The results of this project will also be used as a numerical basis for future investments and improvements to the system. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Vince Thomson


Keyvan Rahmani




Engineering - mechanical


Mining and quarrying


McGill University



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