CO2-EOR in Devonian Reefs of Alberta: Reservoir Characterization and Screening

Devonian reservoirs have contributed significantly to the development of the petroleum industry in Alberta. This is mainly due to their favourable characteristics of high permeability enhanced by dolomitization in these often reefal structures. Although many have had good recoveries, much oil remains to be recovered. Many of the same characteristics that led to good production performance during the past decades are expected to contribute to good production potential if CO2-based enhanced-oil recovery (CO2-EOR) methods are employed. In this research, we will characterize a subset of these reservoirs from geological and engineering points of view and develop a methodology for assessing and ranking of their suitability for CO2 -EOR. This will strengthen position of the partner organization in this area. Furthermore, the partner organization is developing a course for reservoir characterization of carbonate reservoirs, particularly for the application of CO2-EOR. The reservoirs examined in this research will serve as case studies in this course.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hassan Hassanzadeh


Ahmad Zeighami


MPD Reservoir Engineers Ltd


Engineering - chemical / biological


Mining and quarrying




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