CO2-less hydrogen gas production via RF (radiofrequency fields) methane pyrolysis

One of the major challenges today is reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) into the atmosphere and the increasing demand in the hydrogen energy sector. Currently, Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) is the industry standard in producing H2. Unfortunately, the H2 produced here is classified as “grey hydrogen” as the reaction between methane and water also produces carbon dioxide (CO2). Methane pyrolysis (MP) offers an alternative approach to H2 production as it decomposes methane molecules into H2 and solid carbon only, making the process significantly cleaner than SMR. In addition to CO2-less H2 production, solid carbon co-production has its market value, making the MP a more economical and greener alternative in H2 production. This project proposes the MP using high electric radiofrequency (RF) to trigger methane decomposition. Acceleware Ltd. aims to commercialize this technology, and this project is centered on proving its feasibility on the laboratory scale.

Faculty Supervisor:

Apostolos Kantzas


Ahmad Shazryz Azni




Engineering - chemical / biological


Information and cultural industries


University of Calgary



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