Collision-free Farm Field Coverage Path Planning using Autonomous DOT Vehicles

The objective is to: (1) develop full-coverage path plans for an autonomous DOT vehicle, designed and developed by Dot Technologies Corp., operating in a farm field, and (2) avoid collision with other agricultural machines operating in the same field, e.g., a combine, via model-based motion tracking using on board camera vision.
A software suite, with a user-friendly GUI, will be developed, where the user can upload a satellite image of a farm filed, and also the type of agricultural implement to be used. The software will provide an optimal path that can be uploaded to the control unit of a DOT vehicle. The optimal path found via simulation would produce a path that has the best coverage, minimum number of turns, and straight-line motions that can be implemented via GPS feedback.
Furthermore, the proposed model-based motion tracking algorithm, when implemented on the DOT vehicle, can detect other vehicles, estimate their direction of motion and speed, and provide action plans to avoid collision for safe navigation.
This will pave the way towards an improved yield via safe and precise navigation of the DOT vehicles in a farm field.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehran Mehrandezh;Farokh Janabi-Sharifi


Behnam Nasirian;Sina Sajadi




Engineering - mechanical






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