Combustion at microscales

Objectives: The proposed research program aims at studying the generation and propagation of unsteady compressible flow phenomena, with chemical heat release, at millimeter and sub-millimeter scales. Based on these findings, a number of biomedical and aerospace applications will be pursued in the area of high-power density microsystems.
Scientific approach: Our approach is based on the experimental observation of compressible flow phenomena at small scale using specially-built devices and on developing simple analytical models to explain the experimental observations. We then use this new knowledge to develop novel devices exploiting these phenomena.

There is great interest in continuous micro-combustion for various MEMS devices (engines, fuel cells, etc.) but only few studies have investigated the propagation of unsteady combustion waves at small scales, and never at the micrometer scale of our unique experimental facilities. So this should produce valuable new knowledge that can potentially be exploited in the design of novel high-power density microsystems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Brouillette


Sai Prakash Reddy Chalavindala



Engineering - mechanical





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