Commercialization of Exro Technologies’ VIEG Technology

The aim of the internship is to develop strategies for commercialization of radical, generic technologies developed by Exro in the area of clean technology. They have developed and patented. a variable input electrical generator that could be very efficiently used in producing electricity for undetermined electricity generation levels from clean tech sources like wind turbine and wave turbines. This internship will apply technology management techniques to inform the commercialization strategy of Exro Technologies. A technology roadmap for Exro Technologies’ VIEG technology will be developed from the following: analysis of prospective markets, analysis of strategies and partnerships for prospective markets, matching Exro Technologies’ VIEG invention to a potential set of target markets and applications through viability analysis and other strategic considerations, prioritization of target markets and applications. The intent is to inform the commercialization strategy of Exro Technology in such a way as to provide commercially benefit to the company and social value to society through the more efficient production of electricity from clean tech sources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Elicia Maine


Mitun Bhattacharyya


Exro Technologies






Simon Fraser University



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