Community Building for New Housing Co-operatives: Innovating to address scale, inclusion, and contemporary living

Due to the lack of investment from the Federal and Provincial governments for affordable housing and the low number of housing cooperatives formed in the last 30 years the co-op housing model is outdated. In response to a need for affordable housing in Vancouver, BC the Community Land Trust (CLT) has recently opened two newly built housing cooperatives. This research project aims to identify tools and best practices to foster a sense of belonging, ownership, and community in newly formed housing co-ops with members from mixed socio-economic backgrounds. This project is intended to specifically support the Fraserview and Railyard housing cooperatives while adding to the body of research regarding community connection and social cohesion in multi-unit buildings and alternative housing options.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leonie Sandercock


Ruby Carrico


Community Land Trust


Urban studies






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