Community Capital Tool Pilot Project in the District of Sechelt


This project will test pilot the newly developed Community Capital Tool (CCT) in the District of Sechelt. The CCT has been designed to guide and evaluate municipal level community development initiatives and decisions through a sustainability lens. In Sechelt the CCT will be used to assess the community’s newly adopted Sustainability Action Plan to create a greater understanding of how it considers the core components of Community Capital Framework. The tool uses two related instruments to meet the project objectives: the Community Sustainability Balance Sheet is designed to provide a baseline measurement for each of the capitals and their associated indicators existing in Sechelt; and the Community Capital Scan is used to assess community stakeholder’s impression of the potential impacts of the initiative option on the capitals. The final product will be a transparent, visual output for measurement and evaluation of sustainable community development in Sechelt.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mark Roseland


Julie Lowry


District of Sechelt


Resources and environmental management



Simon Fraser University



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