Community Council Growing Prosperity Project


With poverty a reality in Victoria and the Capital Regional District we are motivated to create an in‐depth research project which identifies the issues at hand, and focuses on solutions by taking into account global and national issues, structural issues, and initiatives that have been successful in the past. The Victoria Consortium was formed for the purpose of purchasing 2006 Census Urban Poverty Project custom tabulations as part of the national CSDS initiative. The present consortium shared the initial cost of purchasing the 2006 Census UPP data in October 2008. One of the partnership’s first acts was to change its name to Growing Prosperity in the Capital Region. Now that the data tables have all been received the partnership has moved into its second phase: Data Analysis, Reporting and Community Outreach and Involvement. Kimberley Stratford, Sustainability Analyst with the City of Victoria has taken on the role as project lead for the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jutta Gutberlet


Neil J. Nunn


Community Social Planning Council


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Construction and infrastructure


University of Victoria



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