Community Decision Making Related to Accepting Kite Based Electricity Generation


Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) technology is a method of harnessing wind power using tethered kites.  The partner organization in this project is a developer of this kind of technology and has made significant innovations in producing utility grade power with a predictable power drop-off. As such, this technology is a great candidate for deployment in remote communities where electricity is typically diesel-generated and expensive. However, prior to the deployment of this technology in remote communities, it is important to develop an understanding of policy and regulatory framework governing the use of renewable technologies across Canada. It is also important to understand the social and cultural factors that affect the use of these technologies in remote communities. This study aims at investigating the factors that influence the decision making process around renewable technologies, at the community level. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Hadi Dowlatabadi


Maryam Rezaei


Crosswind Power Systems Incorporated


Resources and environmental management


Alternative energy


University of British Columbia



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