Community Engagement and Ownership of Projects Emerging from Social Innovation Labs

The purpose of the proposed research is to identify the factors and indicators that enable, or block community actors from taking ownership of a solution previously led by a social leader or government actor. The project will allow our partner and the communities they work with to gain a better understanding of factors that enable the transition of projects to ownership within the community, as well as further the available research and knowledge for other government or social led business ventures transitioning ownership to the community. The key objectives for the research are to identify the indicators that create a space for a community actor to take on ownership of a project, specifically looking at the factors that attracted them to take on this ownership role and how they took on this position. In doing so, we will trace the path through which impact occurs by mapping interactions between actors and groups directly and indirectly involved in the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chantal Hervieux


Meghan Brodmann


Common Good Solutions






Saint Mary's University



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