Community land-use planning on First Nations reserves and the influence of land tenure: A case study with the Penticton Indian Band.


Tenure, the distribution of resource rights and responsibilities, is a central issue for First Nations’ management of lands and resources. The focus of this research project is the historical and contemporary land management implications of policy that created individualized land tenures on First Nations reserves. This project is in partnership with the Penticton Indian Band community land-use planning process and will support the Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation’s participation in land-use planning and sustainable community economic development decisions. The goal of this collaboration is to contribute to First Nations’ efforts to develop their own sustainable and effective land management systems within contemporary jurisdictional and policy settings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Murray B. Rutherford & Dr. John R. Welch


Marena Brinkhurst


Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation


Resources and environmental management


Management of companies and enterprises


Simon Fraser University



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