Compact Broadband Antenna Design

In broadband communication systems, one of the key issues is the design of a compact antenna while providing wideband characteristic over the whole operating band. This project focuses on novel antenna designs with appealing features of very wide bandwidth or multi-band performance, simple structure, omnidirectional radiation pattern and ease of fabrication. The objective of this project include wide frequency band, good VSWR, compact dimension and low power rating. This project requires extensive experimental work and numerical electromagnetic (EM) simulations. It will also employ a variety of modeling and optimization techniques. The antenna design project will initially start with numerical EM simulations of different promising antenna configurations. We will investigate the merits and demerits of each antenna configuration in order to choose the one which satisfied the design requirements best. The antenna optimization might adopt a novel self-adjoint sensitivity analysis, which was recently developed by our group at McMaster University. Standard antenna testing approaches will be applied in order to verify the quality of the designed antenna.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Natalia K. Nikolova


Li Liu


Sinclair Technologies Inc.




Information and communications technologies


McMaster University



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