Comparative analysis of merger control mechanisms in Canadian and Mexican competition law

This research project conducts a comparative analysis of the provisions of Canadian and Mexican competition laws that deal with the control of mergers and acquisitions. Usually, merger control mechanisms require that a proposed transaction whose value exceeds a certain threshold be notified to the competition authorities of the country where the transaction is to take place. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions between Canadian and Mexican firms may have to be notified to both the Canadian Competition Bureau and the Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission. A comparative overview of the requirements and assessment framework imposed by the competition legislation of both countries in terms of mergers is valuable for the business community, lawyers and competition authorities. Business decisionmakers will be able to better strategize about cross-border expansion, lawyers will be more
adept at advising clients who intend to engage in merger and acquisitions activities abroad and competition authorities will be better equipped to coordinate their assessment of mergers notified in both countries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Ross


Ivona-Elena Zegrean






University of British Columbia


Globalink Research Award

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