Competency-Based Education for Airside Professionals

This project will analyze competencies (knowledge, skill, and attitude) of airside professionals conducting the taxi-ground run of an aircraft in an operational airport environment. Both cognitive task analysis and consensus modeling methodologies will be used to identify competencies and draft a competency framework of the task. Based on the competency framework, training implementations (including those using Virtual and/or Augmented Reality, Gamification and other immersive technologies) will be developed and evaluated to assess the effectiveness of these approaches.
This work is significant because airside worker human error can cause damage to aircraft, injury to persons, time loss causing costly flight delays and other significant operational costs (such as loss of luggage). Competency-based education is increasingly used within aviation to align training with the actual professional competence required to complete a task safely and efficiently. This project will evaluate several methodologies in the identification of competencies, the results of which can translate to other professional positions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Suzanne Kearns;Shi Cao;Evan Risko


Hyun Su Seong


GS5 Corporation


Environmental sciences




University of Waterloo



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