Competitive Project Portfolio Management for Large Portfolios


While effective execution of projects (project management) is important to the ultimate success of organizations, choosing the right set of projects to pursue (project portfolio management or PPM) is just as critical. The proposed research will focus on an important, yet understudied, complexity of the PPM problem: the effect of competition. Since the success of projects, such as a new product, can depend on the actions of competitors, firms must consider their competition in their resource allocation decisions and engage in competitive project portfolio management (CPPM). The goal of this research is to develop tools and methods for solving the CPPM problem and subsequently create a new service offering for Open Options Corporation. Open Options is already recognized as the leader in the application of game theory to business problems which it applies to companies worldwide and its success will contribute to Ontario’s role as a hotbed for new technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Benny Mantin


Mark Zschocke


Open Options Corporation




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Waterloo



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