Comprehensive Waste Management Plan and Assessment

Durham Region is committed to responding to the climate emergency by embedding climate change considerations across all elements of Regional business. This research will involve an examination of the Region’s entire waste management system and develop a full life cycle analysis model for GHG emissions which can be used to identify opportunities and support strategies to reduce GHG emissions caused by waste management activities. This includes capturing activities related to contracted services as well as relevant indirect activities such as resident travel to Regional Waste Management facilities. This research is anticipated to expand existing efforts to quantify GHG emissions related to the Durham York Energy Centre and closed landfills developed as part of existing emissions reporting requirements.
The research will also explore utilizing wastes from a wide range of sources such as solid wastes, wastewater treatment wastes, and other types of wastes and recycling them into useful energy outputs. Specific systems will be designed to complete this critical task to cover waste into useful commodities such as electricity, heating, cooling, and drinking water. A thorough lifecycle assessment will be conducted to evaluate the magnitude of GHG emission reduction potential in Durham.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ibrahim Dincer


Bogachan Gungor


The Regional Municipality of Durham


Engineering - mechanical



Ontario Tech University



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