Compressed Air Energy Storage in Cased Wells

The project will adapt Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) to a cased well. CAES is a mature and proven energy storage technology, however it traditionally uses large salt caverns. By understanding the deformation of a wellbore due to pressure and hot air injection, one may be able to determine the operating range of the system. Cased wells are easy to deploy and decommission. They may be installed wherever is advantageous. They involve drilling a well and installing a high-grade steel casing into the wellbore. The depth of a single well can be anywhere from 500-1500 meters. By injecting air, one stores energy in the form of compressed air inside the well. When it is time to produce power, the air is sent through an expander which produces electricity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maurice Dusseault;Yuri Leonenko


Eric Tharumalingam


CleanTech Geomechanics


Engineering - civil


Mining and quarrying




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